Gruppenunterkünfte in Hellevoetsluis

Hellevoetsluis - which was originally called Hellevloetsluys - is a city and the same municipality in Voorne-Putten with about 39000 inhabitants throughout the municipality. The municipality is part of the Rotterdam City Council and the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague.

The polder area where Hellevoetsluis originated was cultured between 1367 and 1394 and housing was immediately planned. The first inhabitants were mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The fortress area was originally a small harbor, used by the inhabitants of the 15th century village of New Helvoet. The Hellevoetsluis fortress was built in the early 17th century to strengthen the war and trade port.

Hellevoetsluis is a state-protected cityscape and has a number of special historical buildings, ships and some museums, including the National Fire Museum and the Antiquity Room. Hellevoetsluis also has two grain mills: the inhabited mill De Hoop from 1801 and the Zeezicht near Nieuwenhoorn. In addition there is a water tower in the fortress of 1896. In total, the place Hellevoetsluis contains 49 entries in the national register, nine municipal monuments and one war memorial.

In the municipality of Hellevoetsluis are various statues, sculptures and objects placed in public space. There is also plenty of opportunity for hospitality and shopping. Annual events include the Zeehelden Weekend, Wallenpop, Shipmate Classic Yacht Regatta, Night Market and World Predator Classic.

As a historic fortress and naval city, Hellevoetsluis focuses on tourism from home and abroad. Many tourists come with one of the many sailing ships entering here on one of the six (hunting) ports of Hellevoetsluis. For recreation there are also some small beaches.

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Villa Hellevoetsluis

Südholland, Hellevoetsluis
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